Let’s keep the world in blossom

Roses and Lace is all about beauty and all things romance. Our mission consists of not only giving you the perfect dress that you were looking for but also to keep the world around us beautiful. For this reason we launched our “Let’s keep the world in blossom” campaign. It represents our commitment to the environment and our social responsibility.

We started small by using natural fabrics in our dresses, by reusing the left-over fabrics and by carefully choosing our production facilities. We choose to work with the facilities that take good care of their employees, offer fair salaries and social security, as well as facilities that work on their sustainability plans: using nontoxic ink, reusing their fabrics, decreasing waste etc.

The campaign will grow alongside the brand by introducing new ways to be eco-conscious and stay elegant and beautiful. We need to take care of the environment in order to have the possibility to contemplate the beauty of nature.